The committee chair is responsible for organizing the event from start to finish, including planning, organizing, and leading activities, as well as setting up and breaking down any materials, equipment, or furniture. If your event requires volunteers, the chair should contact the volunteers and assign them tasks, as necessary. The chair also is responsible for securing checks from the PTO treasurer to pay a vendor, collecting and submitting receipts, and ensuring the proper handling of cash at events. Please refer to the enclosed Monetary Policies and Procedures for additional information. In addition, the chair should keep the PTO officers abreast of any milestones, news, or other important information related to the event. Finally, chairs should complete and submit the Chair Questionnaire in a timely manner to help with future planning efforts.

Your responsibilities specific to this event also include the following:

  • Review brochures, websites, and other promotional materials from companies that perform school assemblies
  • Select appropriate vendors for the assemblies
  • Coordinate with the principal(s) on assembly dates
  • Coordinate with PTO treasurer for vendor payment
  • Coordinate room set-up and break-down on the day of the assembly, ensuring the vendor has the required equipment
  • Solicit feedback from the teachers and principal on the overall assembly

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