Get Togethers

GMMS Get-Togethers

There are typically three Get-Togethers at the GMMS throughout the school year. These events are offered to students in grades 6-8, with the 5th grade class being invited to the last event of the school year (usually in late April or May).

The Get-Togethers are held on a Friday night from 6:30PM to 8:30PM and are a fun way for students to connect with their fellow students. In the gym there are some sports offered such as volleyball or basketball. In the cafeteria there is music and dancing. Snacks are donated by parents and are set-up in the gym entrance lobby.

Permission slips are required for each student for each Get-Together they attend. The school provides permission slips in advance and students have the opportunity to send in their permission slip ahead of time with a $3.00 fee per student, or students can come to the door the day of the event with a signed permission slip and a $4.00 fee per student. NO STUDENT IS PERMITTED TO ATTEND WITHOUT A PERMISSION SLIP.

Volunteer parent chaperones are requested and used throughout the evening to simply make sure the children are respecting the rules and each other. One or two of the volunteers are also asked to help with the check-in and pick-up processes.

Chairperson Responsibilities:

  • The Monday before the scheduled event the chairperson needs to have an email prepared to remind everyone of the event and ask for snack donations, and forward to the vice principal to be sent out in a blast email to all the parents.
  • The chairperson needs to make sure that there is a sufficient supply of disposable cups and napkins for the event.
  • The chairperson is responsible for the music that is managed on the PTO iPod and played at the Get-Together. No music or songs with foul language is permitted. There is a PTO iTunes account that has been established to manage purchased songs.
  • The chairperson must make time to go to the main office on the day of the event to pick-up all permission slips, money, and an alphabetical list of all students broken down by grade.
  • The chairperson needs to organize all of the permission slips that were sent in ahead of time along with the money and mark each student’s name on the alphabetical list accordingly. This needs to be done prior to the event that evening to assist in the check-in process.
  • The chairperson needs to arrive at the middle school approximately 20-30 minutes prior to the event to obtain all supplies needed from the PTO closet (speaker for music, cups, bowls for snacks, water coolers, etc.). Music speaker and iPod should be set-up and ready.
  • The evening of the event the chairperson is responsible for making sure that each student present has a signed permission slip and payment has been made during the check-in processes. The cash box used during the event is to be obtained in the office.
  • At the end of the event it is the chairperson’s responsibility to assist the vice principal/principal with having each child signed out by a designated adult and accounted for.
  • After each child is accounted for it is the chairperson’s responsibility to cleanup and trash left in the cafeteria, cleanup after the snacks, and get all supplies back to the PTO closet. The chairperson is responsible for the money and cash box goes back to the office. Permission slips stay in the cash box.
  • The chairperson must arrange to have all funds obtained from the event brought to the PTO treasurer.

Additional information:
During the event, any student that is dropped off without a parent/guardian and no permission slip will need to see the vice principal/principal to obtain verbal confirmation from a parent or guardian via phone. Fee will need to be paid during pick-up.

Students are not allowed to use their cell phones during the event unless they are contacting their parent(s) for some reason.

Students are not permitted to handle/use the PTO iPod

Song requests are limited to the purchased music downloaded on the PTO iPod. It is best to try and let the songs shuffle through on their own, as accommodating requests can become difficult. Students can request that songs be added for the next event. The chairperson needs to check the song for appropriate content before adding to the playlist.

The speaker/music player is not used exclusively for the Get-Togethers, but no other event requiring the speaker should be scheduled for the same time as the Get-Togethers.

2017-2018 Chair Person: Carrie Gajda – [email protected] (908) 209-4843 – cell