Teacher Grant Request Form

The GMRSD PTO has a goal of helping to enrich the educational and extracurricular experience for all the students in our district. One of the ways we feel we can be helpful is by offering teacher grants.  These would be monetary contributions to enhance curriculum or to purchase supplies to meet specific educational  needs. Some examples of past grants include: a flat screen TV for the WLSN TV studio at Liberty School, new projector for the ELMO cart, a world map and globe, seat sacks, dictionaries, bulletin bars, garden tools, 2 V-Tech Nitro  Notebooks, gym equipment, music instruments, and books. Grants must be submitted by the Friday before our meeting to be considered. Grants received after the Friday before
will be held for the following month. (Please note – we do not have a December meeting.)

(Please NOTE: This is a fillable form. )