Scholastic Book Fairs

The Scholastic Book Fair provides four key factors to inspire more students to read.  As with any acquired skill, when kids practice reading, they become better readers.  And the better they get, the more fun they’ll have doing it!


ACCESS:  Book Fairs provide kids access to a large selection of books for a wide range of interests an reading levels.
CHOICE:  Kids will read more when they have a choice in what they read.  Choice leads to motivation, which leads to increased voluntary reading.
INVOLVEMENT: Families that demonstrate interest in books and reading help students form lifelong reading habits.
READING PRACTICE: When kids are enthusiastic about what they read, they get more practice and become better readers and learners.
 For the 2012-2013 school year, we acquired 2,442 books combined.
The average number of books purchased/student = 9.65
The average number of voluntary reading minutes per student = 1,737
Our Fall 2013 Sales goal (to receive 5% scholastic dollars bonus) = $3441.00
Fall 2012 sales were $3276.69
If the book fair sales are less than $2,000, we receive 40% of sales in Scholastic dollars.
If the book fair sales are = or greater than $2,000, we choose 50% of our sales in Scholastic dollars OR take 25% of sales in cash OR slit profit between scholastic dollars and cash in any percentage increment we wish.